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Not everyone can be as Cool as Vegan but we do our best. Check out our vegan friendly apparel, recipes, topics, and more.
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Thanks for visiting Cool as Vegan, the definitive online destination dedicated to delivering comprehensive, expert-guided content on vegan living. Rooted in a deep understanding of plant-based lifestyles and ethics, our mission is to empower our readers with the knowledge they need to adapt and excel in a vegan lifestyle. Our team of seasoned vegan experts meticulously curate and craft engaging, high-quality blog posts spanning various topics. Whether you’re seeking the latest in vegan nutrition research, hunting for innovative plant-based recipes, or seeking tips for the vegan lifestyle, CoolAsVegan.com is your go-to resource.

Excitingly, we are expanding our offerings beyond insightful blog posts. As we continue to grow, we are thrilled to announce that we will soon launch an online store, which will be brimming with a selection of vegan-friendly products hand-picked by our expert team. As passionate advocates for vegan living, we understand the importance of quality, ethical, and sustainable products. Our upcoming store will embody these values, making it easier for our community to shop with confidence and ease. Stay tuned to CoolAsVegan.com, your compass in your journey toward a compassionate and healthier way of life.

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“As an avid vegan and health-conscious individual, this site has quickly become my go-to resource. The depth and breadth of the information presented are astounding. Whether it’s detailed articles on plant-based nutrition, inventive and tasty recipes, or updates on vegan lifestyle trends, the content always hits the mark. “

John Q.

I must applaud this Cool as Vegan for its superb quality of content. As a new vegan entrant, the plethora of easy-to-understand, practical, and actionable information has been an absolute game-changer. Their well-researched articles shed light on topics that often go unaddressed, truly a hidden gem for anyone looking to adopt a vegan lifestyle.

Sarah G.

Cool as Vegan’s commitment to delivering reliable, comprehensive, and compelling vegan-related content is unparalleled. Their range of topics is impressive, from debunking common vegan diet misconceptions to showcasing creative vegan recipes that never compromise on flavor. This site is a goldmine of insights for anyone in the vegan community or those curious about it.

Latisha' P.

In the clutter of misinformation around veganism, this site shines as a beacon of clarity and truth. It is clear from the well-researched and articulately presented articles that they prioritize quality and accuracy. Their extensive library of delicious, easy-to-follow vegan recipes has transformed my kitchen into a haven for plant-based cuisine. They are truly a testament to the beauty of informed vegan living.

Jose T.

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