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#1 Reason Why Vegans Do Not Eat Honey

Do Vegans Eat Honey? In general vegans do not eat honey because it is produced by bees which are animals. Also, Vegans want our existence to be as natural as possible and the honey that we are able to get at a store is based on unnatural mass production. There are...

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Easy Tips for Going Vegan

Going vegan can be difficult for some because they are changing the eating habits they had since youth. Veganism is a lifestyle which you have to devote yourself to. Outside of going cold turkey. These tips will help you with the transitioning to being Cool as Vegan:...

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Ben & Jerry’s Non Dairy Vegan Ice Cream

Almost everyone loves ice cream but for those who are vegan or have lactose allergies have been limited to the options at ice cream shops. Usually they stand by watching their friends divulge in a delicious treat with little to no options. Ben & Jerry's announced...

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