Some Vegans find it challenging to come up with healthy snacks that can fit their diet. It is normal for vegans to face cravings that their bodies demand. Vegan’s diets mostly include only plant foods, excluding all animal products, therefore, limiting their selection of vegan snacks and foods.

These nutrients that their bodies normally crave are amino acids, calcium, iron, vitamin D, protein, and vitamin B12. Mostly these nutrients are abundant in animal products and they can very well be found in a vegan diet, you can even get them in a healthy vegan snack. Most combinations of plant foods can make up for a healthy and satisfying snack if you eat fully vegan.

Here are the best vegan snacks that are full of nutrients, fiber, and plant-based protein that will ensure you get full. Here are 25 snacks that are very tasty and nutritious.

Bear Real fruit yoyos vegan snacks review

1. Bear – Real Fruit Yoyos Vegan Snack

These are tasty fruit rolls made from a whole cup of fresh fruit. There is no added sugar, preservatives, or concentrates making them perfect for lunch boxes and on-the-go healthy snacks.

Children are finding this snack loveable especially the strawberry. We love the adventure card that has maps which help children learn more about geography in a more fun way.

unreal dark chocolate coconut bars vegan snack review

2. Unreal Dark Chocolate Coconut Bars

Made by the simplest ingredients Organic coconut, Organic cassava syrup with dark chocolate. Unreal was started so that you can enjoy the chocolates without anything un-natural and all the sugar.

These chocolates have a nice coconut taste and the dark chocolate compliments the coconut well enough. The best thing is when shipped they are packed with ice just so they don’t melt.

3. Annie’s Variety of Snack Pack

Crispy, crunchy baked snacks that kids love and baked with real organic cheese and organic wheat flour. It comes in a 14-1 ounce bag of snack packs. They include; 4 cheddar snack mix, 5 friends bunny Grahams, and 5 cheddar bunnies.

They are convenient to carry around because they are packed in tiny bags, making them enough for a quick snack.

Angie's BOOMCHICKAPOP Gluten-Free Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn Popcorn vegan snack review

4. Angie’s BOOMCHICKAPOP Gluten-Free Sweet and Salty Kettle Corn Popcorn

It contains 24 packs and is made with simple real ingredients that include real cane sugar and sea salt. Each one ounce of the bag is packed with flavor. Each popcorn bag has delicious pre-popped kettle corn ready to eat right out of the bag.


We like this popcorn because it tastes great and has the right amount of sweetness mixed with salt to give you delicious tasting corn. The packaging serving size is super convenient making it a perfect snack for any time of the day.

Bear naked cacao and cashew butter granola vegan snack review

5. Bear Naked Cacao and Cashew Butter Granola

The cacao and cashew butter rarely made it out. It is soft-baked with a blend of whole grain oats, the creamy cashew butter, semisweet chocolate, pepita seeds, and a touch of sea salt.

Customers like this because this particular flavor is very addictive. It is a great combo when added to yogurt. The taste is very great, enjoyable, and compliments the yogurt perfectly.

Larabar Strawberry Spinach Cashew Real Fruit Bars Vegan Snack

6. Larabar Strawberry Spinach Cashew Real Fruit Bars

They are kosher, gluten-free, and vegan with no sugar added. They come in four different flavors. They include blueberry spinach cashew, mango spinach cashew, pineapple kale cashew, and strawberry spinach cashew.

We love this because it is gluten-free and it is very delicious.

Hemp Protein Bars Vegan Snack on Amazon

7. Hemp Protein Bars

These are plant-based snacks, it is a complete protein that builds the lean, fit body, and this delicious snack with cacao- soaked indulgence which energizes with peppermint that fuels your lifestyle with healthy power foods.

We like these because they are keto-friendly and a healthier sugar fix.

Natures bakery whole wheat fig bars

8. Nature’s Bakery Whole Wheat Fig Bars

These are fuels for life’s great journey. With wholesome and natural ingredients the delicious soft-baked bars are filled with real fruit. Portioned in two bars, the twin-packs don’t melt, crumble or break.

We love these because they are certified kosher, a hundred percent cholesterol-free and they are very tasty.

Chef Soraya plant-based vegan multi-flavour

9. Chef Soraya Plant-based, Vegan Multi-Flavour Bowl

High protein boldly flavored Non-GMO plant-based bowls. They are convenient meals that are ready in minutes.

We love these because they are easy to cook just by adding boiling water and great for camping.

Stretch Island fruit leather snacks variety pack

10. Stretch Island fruit leather snacks variety pack

These all-natural fruit strips made with no added sugar and without any artificial preservatives or flavors. Stretch Island Fruit Leather Variety Pack contains autumn apple, abundant apricot, orchard cherry, harvest grape, ripened raspberry, and summer strawberry.

We love these because they are price friendly and they are really tasty.

GoGo Squeeze Snack Review

11. Gogo Squeeze

Made with 100% real fruit and comes in varieties, Apple apple, Applebanana, and Applestrawberry. There is no sugar added.

We love these because they are a go-to snack, have no preservatives and the pouches are certified BPA free.

pop chips potato chips variety pack

12. Popchips Potato Chips Variety Pack

Popchips are crispy, full of flavor, and crunchy without the unnecessary fat and grease. It comes in a four flavor variety pack.

We love these because they are recommended by fitness coaches as they are relatively low cal snacks and the prices are relatively cheap.

Health Warrior Chia Bars

13. Health Warrior Chia Bar

These are a perfect fit for an active lifestyle. Made with plant-based ingredients, they are gluten-free and non-GMO.

We love them because the ingredients used are healthy with low-calorie content. They taste good and have a nice crunch.

Kind Grain Healthy Vegans Bars

14. Kind Bars Healthy Grains

Baked and made with five super grains that create a chewy and crunchy texture. Each bar providing one full serving of whole grain.

We love these because each bar is just big enough to satisfy the craving they serve as a healthy alternative to regular candy bars.

planters roasted pecans

15. Planters Roasted Pecans

They have a buttery rich taste; they are slowly roasted to perfection, sprinkled with sea salt to bring the natural rich nut flavor. Packed in the releasable canister that guarantees freshness.

We love these because they are crispy, light, flaky, and very delicious.

Lenny and Larrys Complete Cookie

16. Lenny and Larry’s Complete Cookie

Inspired by a donut shop favorite, the plant-based cookie is on another level. They contain 9 essential amino acids that are easily digestible with low potential of allergic responses.

We love these cookies because their big sizes fill us up and the taste is super sweet and nice.

Biena Chickpea Snacks

17. Biena Chickpea Snacks

In a variety of flavors, these are the perfect go-to snack for the afternoon. With 5 -6 g of plant-based proteins and fiber they make one feel fuller and for longer.

We love this as they are so filling and have a great taste.

Welchs Fruit Snacks

18. Welch’s Fruit Snacks

Gluten, fat, and preservative-free. These are the perfect tasty snack for lunches and even sporting games. It has a variety of 10 flavors.

We love Welch’s fruit snack because it has a variety of flavors to choose from, making it easy to find your favorite.

thunderbird paleo vegan snacks

19. Thunderbird Paleo and Vegan Snacks

Real food bars made from natural ingredients and tastes super amazing. Super chewy but doesn’t stick to your teeth. They are vegan and paleo.

We love these amazing bars as they are softer and are made with fruits, seeds, and nuts that will not make it so hard to chew.

IQBAR Brain Body Protein Bars

21. IQBAR Brain + Body Protein Bars

It comes in nine flavors. They are rich in compounds that benefit the brain and the body. Each bar containing 6 brain nutrients.

We love these because they have 6 brain nutrients and 6-8g of prebiotic fiber.

SmartSweets Gummy Bears Snack

22. SmartSweets Gummy Bears

Sweetened with no sugar alcohols with no artificial sweeteners. In one full bag, there are 90 calories and only 3g of sugar. Each chewy gummy bears have four flavors per bag; they include raspberry, green apple, lemon, and peach.

We love these gummy bears as they are sugar-free with no side effects, and are very great if you are a low cab.

Good Thins Simply Salt Rice Snacks Gluten Free Crackers

23. Good Thins Simply Salt Rice Snacks Gluten Free Crackers

Salted for a versatile flavor. They have irresistible crunchy flavor and contain no artificial colors.

We love these crackers as they are perfect for lunch boxes and can be tried with toppings or dips for a better taste.

OLOVES Whole Pitted Olives Basil & Garlic

24. OLOVES Whole Pitted Olives Basil & Garlic 

All olives are pitted and ready to snack on. It has only 50 calories and very low in saturated fats.

We love these because they require no refrigeration and they are seasoned to perfection. They contain no liquid and perfect snack when on the run.

Navitas Organics Superfood Power Snacks

25. Navitas Organics Superfood Power Snacks

These are superfoods for energy; it is well rounded and delivers lasting fullness. These are excellent whole foods for kids and adults of all ages.

We love these because they are high-quality energy brain food and have fantastic ingredients.

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