easy vegan tips
Going vegan can be difficult for some because they are changing the eating habits they had since youth. Veganism is a lifestyle which you have to devote yourself to. Outside of going cold turkey.

These tips will help you with the transitioning to being Cool as Vegan:

  1. Learn about what being vegan is all about
    • Check out documentaries and do some research to so you have an idea about the positive health benefits and impact you will be making
  2. Start with baby steps or go cold turkey
    • I found going cold turkey was the easiest. There were no excuses about being better tomorrow because it started today.
  3. Find your vegan substitute food
    • Vegan food names have a habit of naming everything similar to what it represents as meat. It can also be confusing at a vegan restaurant because they have the same name as a non meat restaurant.
  4. Meet with a nutritionist
    • Meeting with a professional who can answer your questions, help you with meal planning, and give you solid advice will take a long way
  5. Get your blood work done
    • Before you start get your blood work done so you can see the impact being vegan has on you. I took a pic of my cholesterol before and after switching to a vegan diet. You will be surprised how people respond when you show them the difference especially if you had bad cholesterol.
  6. Watch your vitamin D
    • Take a supplement or eat the right things. As long as you are getting enough soy and nut milks you should be good. Also adding some sun to your day for 10 to 15 minutes can help too.
  7. Eat more and more frequently
    • At first you may not feel the satiety you had as when eating a non vegan diet. This is because you are not stuffing your face with as much processed food and meats that take longer for the digestive system to digest and which are much more dense.
  8. Learn to love peanut butter
    • I love peanut butter. Not only does it contain protein but it helps curve your hunger. Eat it plain, add it to an apple, drop it on some bread, there are a million things you can do with it.
  9. Ask for the allergens menu at restaurants
    • These menu’s show what the foods were made with and it makes it a lot easier to find what you can eat vs playing 20 questions with the server.
  10. Substitute almond, coconut, hemp, or soy milk for cow milk
    • Whether you are at Starbucks or a local restaurant, ask them if they have the option of a non dairy substitute.
  11. Put some avocado on it
    • Avocado is a great and delicious addition to most meals. Whether at a restaurant or at home drop some gauc on that meal.
  12. Tell restaurants you are allergic to meat and dairy
    • We have noticed they are much more willing to work with you if they think you could end up in the hospital. Although part of being vegan is educating others about the importance of it so this may  not be your jam.
  13. Get the Is It Vegan app
    • Take the guessing away while shopping for most products by scanning them or punching in their SKU
  14. Use Happy Cow to find vegan restaurants
    • Great resource for find a place to go when cooking is not an option
  15. Look for restaurants that are vegetarian
    • Vegetarian are only a few steps away from vegan. It is easy for them to modify their menu for you and a lot of times you will find out that they are actually vegan dishes. They just do not know any better to call it what it is.
  16. Forget other people
    • Other people will make remarks but don’t be a sheep. Do what is best for you and your beliefs and you will feel better about that than dealing with your friends and family and all their ignorant responses.
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